Hoax Drug Overdose Oct 29, 2013 – EMR Community Callout

EMR received a Hoax Call @ 11:50pm (23:50hrs) on Tuesday night,October 29 from a female stating that her friend had taken drugs and wasn’t breathing properly and had a weak pulse. She said she doesn’t believe in taking drugs but her friend had and wasn’t well. She said she had called 000 and been told that the ambulance would take an hour to reach them. I asked their location and was told near the front of the Moliagul Hotel. I asked whether or not this was on the main road and she answered “yes”.

There was No Caller ID so I also asked for a contact number and was given 0467 xxx xxx by the caller. The caller’s voice sounded panicked, so I said I would be there in ten minutes. The call duration was 2 min 18 seconds.

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Emergency Medical Response originally started out as Bealiba Community First Response in 2010 but has grow considerably since then with two Volunteer Ambulances (ex-Rural Ambulance Victoria 2006 and a ex-Queensland Ambulance Service 2005 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter) along with a 2012 Toyota HiLux 4WD Response Vehicle on call to handle all those off road situations.

home-logoThe “Star of Life” is a logo patented by the American Medical Association in 1967. It represents the three rivers of life and the rod of Aesculapius (the snake emblem) that is widely used as the symbol of medical care worldwide and named after the Greek mythology figure Asclepius, who was said to have possessed healing power. The symbol was first used on early generation Medic-Alert emblems. It was given to the NREMT as the EMT logo.
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