Volunteering at EMR

Emergency Medical Response is in search of enthusiastic, willing and capable volunteer responders to assist us with Event First Aid and Stand-by Emergency Medical Response Services at community and private events throughout Victoria.

Volunteers will need to have valid HLTAID003 Provide First Aid‎ qualifications, or higher, (or we can train you) and a means of transport to alerts or events.

Don’t already have a First Aid certificate?, then we can train you at one of our Public First Aid training courses! Further training is also made available to our regular volunteers.

All volunteers are covered by our own Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Cover. A volunteer reimbursement policy is also in place to ensure that our Volunteers do not incur “out of pocket” expenses in their volunteering role at events.

Types of events include Town and Music Festivals, Detector Hunts, Triathlons, Horse Rides and Show Jumping, Cycling, Car Rallies, MotoX and Dirt Drags.


The Emergency Medical Response Code of Conduct:

The purpose of Emergency Medical Response is to enable immediate life saving assistance prior to the statutory ambulance service arriving (Ambulance Victoria). It is imperative that volunteer responders providing Good Samaritan acts, or First Aid at events, do not delay transfer to definitive care.

As such, the following code of conduct containing 6 basic rules has been established:

  1. The Volunteer Responder must ensure that their knowledge and skills are current. If formal certification is out of date then acting as a volunteer responder must NOT occur.
  2. The Volunteer Responder should arrive by road or by foot where possible. Only in especially remote locations should driving to a location be considered and the rules of the road apply fully. Since not officially dispatched, speeding or emergency light driving is not allowed (except within event grounds for safety).
  3. The Volunteer Responder should only respond if fully alert and prepared (do not respond if alcohol or drugs have been consumed).
  4. The Volunteer Responder MUST NOT go outside of his / her skill set. BASIC LIFE SUPPORT and AED use are all that should be provided when appropriate.
  5. Upon arrival of the statutory emergency services (Ambulance Victoria) care MUST be handed over immediately.
  6. The Volunteer respondent MUST ensure that their knowledge and skills are current and that they have undertaken a formal certified course in immediate life support/first aid and that such certification remains valid. If such certification lapses then a Volunteer respondent should step down from active service until it has been renewed.

Please fill out the form below if you’re prepared to abide with our code of conduct and are interested in becoming a Emergency Medical Response Volunteer Responder.

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