About Anthony Hann

Anthony Hann, a former MICA Paramedic (retired due to serious spinal injury – 1986 to 2016) with Ambulance Victoria in Colac, now heads up and manages our Colac EMR group of GoodSAM Responders.

He is the author of Photographic Guide of Prehospital Spinal Care (2005) and Chief designer of most Australian Ambulance Kits in use from 1996 to 2014 under the Brand Name NEANN.

Anthony also developed ‘Patient Extrication Techniques’ now taught and used widely in Australia & in numerous countries around the world.

Anthony Hann, former MICA Paramedic

Colac EMR is a Volunteer Community organisation providing 24 hour a day emergency medical response to the residents of Colac and Elliminyt, using the GoodSAM Alerter Smart-Phone App.

Using the GoodSAM ALERTER App, in a life threatening Emergency, residents now have the choice to :-

  1. Use the GoodSAM ALERTER App to immediately dial ‘000’ but also notify the 2-3 closest trained ‘Community First Responders’ attend the scene and begin care until an Ambulance can arrive.
  2.  Dial Ambulance on ‘000’ (or use the Government’s ‘000’ Phone App for an ‘Ambulance Only’ response.

Australian and International Studies, as well as Ambulance Victoria’s own Cardiac Arrest Data, confirms that Public AED programs (PADS) such as Colac EMR can almost double your chance of survival in a cardiac arrest from 26% to a 55% chance of survival.

The choice of who you call is YOURS!

For downloading and instructions for installing the GoodSAM ALERTER App, go to http://www.colacemr.com/alerter%20setup.htm