EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONSE - Event First Aid, Fire and Stand-by Emergency Response Services
EMR Fleet Structure

We currently maintain a fleet of two Ambulances (ex-Rural Ambulance Victoria 2006 and ex-Queensland Ambulance Service 2005 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter) as well as a number Emergency Response Vehicles including a 2012 Toyota HiLux 4WD Response Vehicle, Honda Blackbird Motorcycle (for cycling events), Suzuki Trail Bike (for Mountain Bike Riding or Hiking) and even an ex-CFA Isuzu 1991 FSR 500 Fire Tanker for those hazardous events!
Emergency Medical Response is ready to respond to any type of local incident and provide the Emergency Medical Care needed until our handover to Rural Ambulance Victoria for transport to Hospital.

NOTE: Emergency Medical Response is currently NOT a patient transport (NEPT) provider. We confine our transportation to the event area from Incident to the Medical Centre or the Public Road Entrance on site until our handover to Rural Ambulance Victoria for transport to Hospital.
Ambulance Victoria provides pre-hospital care for patients experiencing medical emergencies and is also the only organisation in Victoria permitted to provide Emergency Medical Transport to Hospital by road and air.
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